The Elfbarking Vape Review – Mango Ice, Orange Bubbles and Pomo Blue Straw From Elfbarking Vape

If you’re looking for a great vape with a lot of flavour, look no further than the Vape. It’s a compact disposable vape that packs up to 600 puffs and comes with a 550mAh battery. It’s also got a good range of different flavours, so you’re sure to find something that suits you!

Mango Ice

The icy mango flavour of this Mango Ice vape has been mixed perfectly with just the right amount of menthol to deliver the best iced fruit flavor on the market. This delicious fruity treat will leave you wanting more.

This vape from elfbarking Vape is very popular amongst its users. It is a great alternative to smoking and is perfect for those who want a more affordable option.

It is also a great choice for those who like a strong flavour. It has a long lasting taste and is easy on the chest. This is definitely a must try! It is one of my favourite vapes and I will definitely be ordering this again.

Orange Bubbles

Orange Bubbles from elfbarking Vape is a perfectly picked bunch of berry goodness that hits your tongue with a rush of raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry vape flavors. It also adds a hint of cream to bring it all together in an incredibly tasteful way! This classic morning juice is a must have in any vaping collection. So grab it now! You will never regret it. Enjoy!

The tastiest fruits mixed with the most amazing menthol is what this e-liquid flavor is all about.

Peach Mango

elfbarking Vape is a fantastic brand that offers a range of fruity flavours. This particular one is called Peach Mango and it’s a fusion of peach and mango.

It’s really tasty and has a high smoking production. The design of the device is very good as well!

The inhale is like sinking your teeth into a luscious red apple, while the exhale finishes with a smooth cooling finish. If you love this flavor, be sure to check out other options in the Elf Bar range! You’ll be glad you did! Get yours now. It’s sure to be popular! Keep checking back for new flavors and deals!

Pomo Blue Straw

The Pomo Blue Straw from elfbarking Vape is a very lightly chilled blue razz with just the right amount of pomegranate for an experience that is sweeter and sour. The most impressive feature of this e-cig is the size of the battery and the fact that it has an integrated USB type C cable for charging.

This is a large disposable vape that fits into the palm of your hand and gives you an incredible taste for a low price. For example, the lychee ice and coconut melon flavors are both fantastic in terms of taste and aroma. The elfbarking x pod king XC5000 is one of the best disposable vapes we’ve ever had and it’s a must have for any fruity vaping fan.